How to Change the Years in Google Earth

Google Earth

In a world where most people don’t have easy access to mapping technology, Google Earth revolutionized everything by making detailed satellite imagery available for everyone. They also created Street View, which has current and accurate business locations and reviews from users like you.

Google Maps users frequently utilize the map for topographical landscape information, commercial locations, satellite imagery, and route directions. With clear views down to the house level, Google Earth specifically caters to those looking for satellite imagery.

But let’s first understand how satellite imagery works.

Unexpectedly numerous purposes can be served by changing the years. Google understands the issue’s importance even with a time-lapse tool on the street view feature. Using the street lapse, a real photo application, you can see how the seasons, scenery, and buildings change.

In essence, satellites capture precise world images, and Google makes that picture accessible to the general population. Although the imagery is not real-time, it is up to date and tremendously helpful.

How can Google Earth be used in different fields? 

Google Earth satellite imagery is used in many fields like land use, navigation, and the environment. People use Google Earth historical imagery for different reasons. Some people use it for work, while others use it for fun.

Environmental fields can also look at how things have changed over time. For example, a hydrologist can look at how a river has changed course or how a marsh has changed over time. A wildlife biologist can look at habitat and use tracking collar points to see how things have changed. There are endless possibilities for what can be studied in the environmental field.

Satellite imagery can be used by people who work with the land, like surveyors, city planners, and real estate agents. They can use it to see details in the landscape. Surveyors can use Google Earth to look at possible routes for a power line before they plot it. They can also look at where old lines were located or stopped. Real estate agents can use data to show changes in properties or neighborhoods. Developers can use satellite imagery to study the landscape of a potential building site.

Can you see Historical Data on Google Earth?

It is important to remember that Google Earth does not always have access to past data, and the historical time period is frequently constrained. Ultimately, it comes down to the images kept on Google’s servers. It takes a lot of storage space, but Google maintains an astounding amount of historical images and makes them accessible to consumers.

Open Google Earth and enter a location to modify the date. You can adjust the zoom on this place as needed. It will automatically use the latest recent picture.

After selecting View, select Historical Imagery. You may also find the clock symbol above the 3D view choice for quick access and click it. Select the time frame you want to watch. Google will also display the alternatives. The imagery is just not available if your historical date is not listed. At least a few different periods are typically available for a given image.


So, there you have it! How to change the years in Google Earth.

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How do I see different years in Google Earth?

Enter the location in the search field on Google Earth. To examine an image for a specific period, select View and then “Historical Imagery.” You can adjust your timeline’s start and finish dates by zooming in or out.

Can I go back in time on Google Earth?

The Android version for Google Earth features time-lapse as well. You can access the Voyager mode by tapping the main screen’s helm icon. From this point on, the procedure is essentially the same as what you must complete on the website.

Can I change the years on Google Maps?

Yes, you can change the years on Google Maps. You can click on the upper left-hand portion of the Street View image, move the slider through the time, and click on the thumbnail to look at the same place in the previous year or different years.


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