Program GE universal remote codes (with or without code)

Universal Tv Remote

Universal remotes are one of the major and probably most prominent inventions that take for granted. When you lose the original remote or cannot find a replacement for the exact remote you lost, you can always turn to universal remotes from any brand that will come to your rescue. The best thing about these remotes is that they allow you to program and set them so they can work with any TV in your house, regardless of its model and brand. 

Today’s post will examine how you can program the general electrical universal remote and why its coding is essential. Read the following to learn how to set up your General Electric Universal Remote.

What Exactly Are GE Universal Remote Codes?

A GE remote is a universal remote for operating a TV, Cable box, DVD player, and satellite. To use this, you must sync the GE universal remote to the device you wish to program. Not only can you use your GE universal remote to control the TV, Cable box, DVD player, and satellite, but you can also control all these devices simultaneously.

Methods Of Programming General Electric Remote

There are one of two ways of programming a general electric remote to the electronic device. Whether you want to use it for a TV, DVD, or Blu-Ray player, you can program your remote for any device. Following are one of two methods you can follow:

  • Without Code

The first method of programming your GE Universal Remote is without entering or using any codes. Read the following steps to learn more:

  1. On your TV.
  2. Press and hold the set up button on the remote.
  3. Keep pressing the button until the red light on the remote turns on.
  4. Press the TV button.
  5. Release the button and release the power on the button every 5 seconds.
  6. You should do it till your TV switches off by itself.
  7. On the TV, on the buttons on the TV itself.
  8. Now, press and release the channel up button on your remote once every three seconds.
  9. Repeat the whole process until your TV switches off by itself. Now press the TV on your remote to save the programming you have just done.
  10. Do the basic functions with your remote such as switching the TV on, changing the volume, changing channels, and other buttons to see whether it works efficiently.
  • With Codes

In the second method of programming your universal remote, you can do it with the help of codes as mentioned in the following steps:

  1. Keep your TV connected to the power source; however, ensure that your TV is off.
  2. Press and hold the setup button on your remote until the power button lights up.
  3. Press the TV button.
  4. Enter the corresponding device’s coding.
  5. After entering the correct code, press the power button on your remote to your TV.

If the TV switches on, then you have entered the right code. If not, you must try other codes for your specific TV brand. 

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You must follow these steps to program your device and sync it with the GE universal remote. With a GE universal remote, you will be free of the hassle of finding different remotes for different devices, and in case one remote stops working, you will have to look in the market to find the same remote, which can also be costly. However, with GE universal remote, you can use a single remote to any TV, DVD player, Cable box, and Blu-Ray player simultaneously.


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