All About Google Bard and How To Use It?

Google Bard

In today’s time, AI has gained a lot of popularity as it is highly helpful and can help people in all professions to solve complex issues and find the solution to most of them. Other than the ChatGPT, Google Bard is all set to become the rival to the latter. Although it has many features similar to ChatGPT, Google is highly invested in this type of space and has made significant changes and updates to Google Bard and added things that are better than ChatGPT. This article will look at Google Bard and how you can use it.

What Is Google Bard?

Like ChatGPT, Google Bard is also a conversational AI chatbot that generates texts of all types. People can ask different questions as long as it does not violate the content policies; Bard will give you accurate and precise answers. Although Bard didn’t replace Google Assistant, it is a far more powerful Artificial Intelligence assistant.

Since Google is based on LLM (Large Language Model), or LaMDA, similar to OpenAI 3.5 version, Google engineers trained LaMDA on billions of parameters, allowing AI to learn natural language independently. It has led the bot to answer any question in a conversational language.

What Are The Use Cases Of Google Bard?

There are several ways of using Google Bard, such as:

  • Learn Something New

People can opt for the crash course on any type of topic they are interested in. For instance, you can ask the chatbot for an introduction to tennis, how you can get ready for your first lesson, and the facts about some animals in case you visit a zoo.

  • Create Content and Analyze Images

Unlike ChatGPT, which does not support images, you can upload images on Google Bard and ask the bot to share the information about the images or make content based on the image you have uploaded. You can share a photo of handwritten notes during your meeting, and the bot to write it concisely and professionally for an email. You can also upload an image from your previous vacation, and Bard will make a great caption for it.

  • Compare Your Options

You can create comparisons for different topics with essential and relevant information that will allow you to understand them better and get the best options. For example, you can ask questions such as “What type of PC is best for video editing?” the best thing is that you can also pin the response to refer to it back.

  • Work On A New Project

You can easily form and make new content with the help of Bar. For instance, you can ask the chatbot to help you plan the best birthday party for your friend with specific likes and dislikes. 

  • Plan Trips

Are you planning a vacation? Take the help of Bard in planning the vacation. You can look for information about specific locations or ask for the whole itinerary with the activities and attractions you wish to experience. You can customize the itinerary by sharing the details such as “make a trip plan for family as we are visiting for a week in winter.” Bard will provide you with the images and responses to better understand the place you are going for. You can also share the response with your friends and families.

  • Make Codes

People can efficiently use Google Bard for coding tasks and get explanations for the coding. It will be helpful if you are learning coding for the first time; you can get support and understand the type of code to put in. 

  • Get Creative Ideas

If you don’t have a creative side, don’t worry; Bard has you covered. Google Bard will serve as the best starting point; for instance, if you run a boutique, you can ask Bard to help you develop a new tagline or upload the image of your products and ask Bard to provide you with a title. You can express your ideas to Bard, as it can also serve as the personal editor. 

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Google Bard has many exciting factors and features that will help its users tackle most issues they face, whether for professional or personal life. The chatbot is still under development, and once it releases, it is bound to revolutionize many things and make life easier for most people.



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